A Night with Lindsey in Berlin

Usually, standing in a crowd of strangers while it pours down rain is not the definition of fun, but on the night of the 7th when I went to go see the violinist Lindsey Stirling it only made the night better. For the last few days, Berlin had been hit with a massive heat wave that made going outside a daunting task and the rain that covered the open aired concert was a welcome relief. The venue was pretty amazing. Nestled in the middle of an old Prussian fort called the “Zitadelle” with the stage on the backdrop of the walls was a pretty cool sight for a rock violin concert. Needless to say, we had a great night.


Our view of the stage

The night started off with a long train ride to the venue (which was on the outside of Berlin) with my girlfriend Lindsey, Annie, and Sarah. The 30 minute train ride flew by with the help of the great conversations about the culture of Germany and the surprises that Berlin had to offer. When we arrived, we grabbed a beer and listened to the opener for Lindsey Stirling while we waited for the main show to begin. The overcast was a welcomed break from the blistering heat, but none of us were expecting it to rain. We must have been the only ones who didn’t get the memo because once it did start raining, the locals seemed to break out their ponchos and other rain gear pretty fast.

The pouring rain seemed to amplify Lindsey Stirling’s electric feeling that she had and made the night so much better. Now that I look back on the concert I wonder how one of her concerts would be without the rain. It seemed too perfect to me. She played all her best songs with so much contagious energy that one couldn’t help but dance. The guys next to us fully embraced this and peeled their soaking shirts off to dance with all of the freedom that it offered. I was especially happy when she played the song “Transcendence“. I felt so ecstatic and blessed that I could share the experience of a lifetime with my girlfriend and friends.


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