It’s The Hidden Gems

I’m telling you, once you get out of the states there’s like this nagging pain that makes you just want to go everywhere and see everything. Or maybe that’s just me.

Augustusplatz in the City Center

Augustusplatz in the City Center

Nonetheless, over the past seven weeks I have been lucky enough to travel the world and see where my roots come from. This includes places like Prague, Amsterdam, Ireland, London, and Germany. But out of all of these places, there is only one that became an actual home to me. I lived in Leipzig, Germany for five weeks and got to know the place like the back of my hand.


Everyone rides bikes!

I knew each street, each tram stop, where the hidden parks were, the best places to go get a bite to eat, etc. It was home.

I remember the first week being in Leipzig, I couldn’t help shake this feeling that we got totally gypped on our location. I remember specifically talking to one of my classmates saying, “do you think people just pretend they like it abroad because they’re in Europe? What if they’re faking it?” We were legitimately convinced that it was just an act. That took all of 5 days to change our minds… we had to get over the cultural barriers, our non-conversation having lives, new transportation system; and once we were out in the city, we fell in love.

I met many people from all over Germany amidst my traveling, and they all had different things to say about Leipzig. Like everyone, we all take the most pride in our own city. Some people had nice things to say, others, not so much. All those opinions did for me, though, were make me more observant to what Leipzig was about and more appreciative.

Infamous Rizzi's Pizza

Infamous Rizzi’s Pizza

I made Rizzi’s my go-to place for food, anytime. (In fact, we all did). If I were feeling homesick, somehow, someway, Rizzi’s would make me feel more at ease. They had some of the best pizza I’ve tried in my entire life. My suggestion? The special with spinach — pepperoni, prosciutto, banana peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes. It was my very first meal in Leipzig, and my very last.

It’s important to look out for signs hanging because Leipzig is a small city with big potential. There’s so many hidden opportunities that are out there, but it’s up to you to find them.

Conne Island Concert Venue

Conne Island Concert Venue

They don’t use social media the same way we do. We were able to see Alabama Shakes at the most magnificent concert venue I’ve seen in my life, all because we saw a poster hanging up on a wall. Conne Island– small, old, filled with beer gardens and skate parks. It’s open for other events, I suggest it even for just taking a look. Probably my favorite part of the whole city.

A small city becomes bigger depending on the effort you put into it. Once you find your favorite things, it becomes so much more enjoyable to explore. Leipzig is filled with hidden gems, all on you to figure out where they are.


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