A Crash Course on German Beers

So I’m a beer drinker. If I’m going to have a nice meal then I’d rather have it with a tall cold glass of beer rather than wine. With the stereotype of Germans drinking an outrageous amount of beer, I was excited to see what all the hype was about. I can’t say that I was disappointed. I’m just going to go ahead and break down my favorite beers that I had during my stay in Leipzig.


Hey, at least it has a cool bottle.

The beer in Germany was great. From the darker to the lighter and even the Radler (a mix between lemonade, sprite, or lemon soda and beer) they were all good. However, I do have to say one thing before I continue on. I’m an Indian Pale Ale (IPA) fan and the more bitter the beer, the better. I like to tell my friend that I want to see a Hop floating in the top of my beer when it gets served to me. However, in Germany it seems they don’t really believe in bitterness and would rather enjoy their beers without the glory of hops. While the beer was good and very easy to drink, it wasn’t bitter at all. Just a minor complaint, but I needed to say it.

The first beer that I had in Leipzig was the Ur-Krositzer. It’s a Pilsner (like most German beers) from Leipzig and it was really light and easy to drink. One of the more exotic beers that I had was the Leipzig Gose. This one was not really my cup of tea because it was more of a sugary syrup than a beer. I know that a lot of the group enjoyed it, but it wasn’t for me. Lastly, there was the Radeberger. This was my go to beer while I was there and I’ll have to keep an eye out for it here in the States. It’s a Pils and a really good one at that. Like the Ur-Krositzer, it’s really light and easy to drink. I loved to have this one with a good hearty German meal. For a little side note, I found after a little research that this beer called the Chancellor Brew when Otto von Bismarck
gave it that name. I like to think I now have something in common with Germany’s first Chancellor.


Look at that photo. Doesn’t Otto strike you as a beer drinker?

Anyways, there’s my break down of a few of the beers that I enjoyed Germany!


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