MEET TRAM 16’s Contributors

Hi, I’m Alexandra Goans. When I’m back in Columbia, Mo, you can find me eating at Ernie’s Diner, doing something outdoors, , or watching an embarrassing amount of reality tv. For now, I am trying to navigate my way through Germany, one day at a time.

Hi, I am Sarah Godke. Back home you can find me obsessing over coffee shops and buying way too many $1 dollar socks from Target. But right now, I have the opportunity to travel around Europe all summer and work on pronouncing the German “R” correctly. Here’s to my experiences from awkward conversations to beautiful panoramic views.

Hi, I am Sean Franzel. When I am not reading, writing about, and teaching German language, literature, and culture, I am riding my bike, playing with my two young kids (one of whom is Leipzig born), traveling, playing squash, or playing piano.

Hi, I’m Aylecia Lattimer. I’m a physics major with an emphasis in astronomy, who somehow ended up taking German after I fell in love with the German Alps in the summer of 2012. You can sometimes find me sewing, reading, or watching Netflix, but currently I’m studying German and media in Leipzig.

Hi, I’m Maureen Ryza. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a reporter. The past three years the dream has been sports reporting, last night it was being a band manager, and this summer it’s a travel reporter — with a head start in Leipzig, Germany. Currently trying to break the record for a 20-year-old hitting the most countries in a span of 7 weeks.

Hi! I’m Annie Vipond, but my friends call me Flower Child. They swear they say it in a good way, and sometimes I even believe them. You can find me studying German in Leipzig or Journalism in Missouri. If you can’t find me, it probably means I’m lost in the woods somewhere.

Hello wonderful people. I’m Mitchell Dolan speaking to you from the German city of Leipzig where I’ve managed to survive for the last month. If you want to see how I did it, then go ahead and check out my blog and I’ll tell you all about it. My life back in Columbia is already that of an old man. I’ve got an unhealthy obsession with building and painting models of historical or fictional armies. When I’m not doing that, you can probably find me eating or playing video games.

I’m David Litherland, a senior at Mizzou. After starting school as a computer engineer,  I found my true calling (after finding out I’m absolute bollocks at math) and now study English and German. I enjoy reading and writing nearly any genre of fiction,  canoeing, camping,  and I’m an avid tabletop and board game player. I look forward to sharing my travels and impressions of Germany with you.


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